Name :   Why doesnt our mayor get grants to update our law?
Location :   Lord knows, we need it - now!
Date :
Message :   Cayuga County projects that were awarded state funding this year: …25K for village of Cayuga to prepare zoning revisions for implementation of its comprehensive plan…
Name :   Highway Man
Location :   Its official
Date :   
Message :   we can stop calling her a philanthropist. Shes a Welfare Queen.
Name :   Reader
Location :   Aurora
Date :   12/10/15
Message :   It works. Lets talk. What do you think?
Name :   Main st guy
Location :   parking lot
Date :   12/2
Message :   How long does it take to fix the parking lot between the PO and Bet the Farm? What are they waiting for? CHRISTMAS !!!
Name :   L Holland
Location :   KoeppPlace Bailout
Date :   November 16 2015
Message :   PJ -
Name :   SIA
Location :   
Date :   
Message :   You cant shut this down. I have sent in too much good writing. I did not expect it be thrown away.
Name :   another local
Location :   out and about
Date :   11/11/15
Message :   PJ. Stop coming here if you do not like it. plain and simple. As for Web house it should have never been put there. it should be a pile of old wood composting now.
Name :   PJ
Location :   Aurora
Date :   
Message :   Take this site down it is obsolete and spewing garbage much like the creek you all keep complaining about. Laura, why dont you bank roll the culvert instead of continually complaining? Be a good neighbor.
Name :   old timer
Location :   the village
Date :   10/17
Message :   Lisa is at the Auburn Holiday Inn keynote speaker today anyone want to go see her? I am just to tell how the College has grown now that she is gone. Maybe you can see her in the village.
Name :   Old Yeller
Location :   lyon house
Date :   10/3
Message :   Wolf, Wolf that my name
Name :   Lyon House
Location :   big yellow house
Date :   9/24/15
Message :   9 pm: woofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoof woofwoofwoof. yapyapyapyapyapyap. WOOFWOOF!!YAP!!YAP!!YAP!! woofwoof yapyapyapyapwoofwoofwoofwoofwoof
Name :   Grossed Out
Location :   Oak Glen Gully
Date :   9/21/15
Message :   whos throwing the bags of turd-filled kitty litter into the gully? Faded plastic flowers and huge shards of broken glass from cemetary trash are bad enough!
Name :   L Holland
Location :   Koepp/Place 327 Main Street, Aurora, NY 13026
Date :   Deceivers
Message :   I have put in a FOIL request to the NYDOT to learn how much it will cost the NYS taxpayers to pay for the culvert that K/P promised THEY would bankroll when they got permission from the village to set their house on a creek.
Name :   Hello
Location :   Aurora
Date :   8/7/15
Message :   Has anyone heard what happened over the College last night? Inquiring minds want to know.
Name :   Zwigard Geothermal Mess Monster
Location :   Our Lake
Date :   Since 2008
Message :   7.15 More trash being thrown futilely into the lake by Zwigards in another attempt to make amateur geothermal fiasco work. An endless mess, thanks Gunderson.
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