Name :   Kit = 81 votes
Location :   Aurora Wins
Date :   Election Day 2016
Message :   Both incumbents were returned to office. The challenger was shut out. Two Dentes, two defeats; thats enough.
Name :   Curious
Location :   
Date :   
Message :   what about Kit?
Name :   Congratulations, Alan!
Location :   Aurora
Date :   3-16-16
Message :   Incumbent Alan Ominsky won re-election to the Village Board with 61 votes. John Dentes received 56.
Name :   Answering
Location :   Neighbor
Date :   3/15
Message :   College is installing French drains around Paul Jones house, the guesthouse.
Name :   Masonic Lodge
Location :   across the street
Date :   3/9
Message :   Who is digging across from the Masonic Lodge
Name :   Main st. guy to LH
Location :   PO
Date :   2/20
Message :   Thanks for the info on the posted message of the non village meeting. I do not pick up my mail at the PO so I would have not seen it anyway.
Name :   L Holland - to MSG
Location :   Re your question - I dont know.
Date :   But today, 2/18/16, I asked the PO clerks
Message :   about the bulletin board. Regs it is for PO use & PSAs. It is not for personal postings-like Zwigards or Bloms. Sounds best, the PO should stay out of local issues.
Name :   Main st. guy
Location :   the village
Date :   2/15
Message :   So I heard people kept taking the signs down about the meeting Why?
Name :   Main st. guy
Location :   who knows
Date :   2/11
Message :   So what is the big meeting tonight all about? All I heard was it is a community meeting and place is unknown at this time. Does it have to do about local gov. folks like last time. Barb help me out.
Name :   Wendy
Location :   
Date :
Message :   Maybe Wells will have to reconsider building that new dorm.
Name :   Main st. guy
Location :   aurora
Date :   today
Message :   Is it true? Could it be Aurora sucking her dry?
Name :   
Location :   
Date :   
Message :   and the comments here too
Name :   And the winner is...
Location :
Date :   12.18.15
Message :   Pleasant Rowland with her snout in the slop sucks up 1.5M of our state tax money, to pay for *development* of part-time minimum wage seasonal jobs in a *spa* for pigs; disgusting! Finch is right for once, Read the comments here.
Name :   
Location :   
Date :   12/12/15
Message :   Pleasant should be embarrassed to take public money from NY state. That money could have been used by a small business that really needed it. What is wrong with her? this doesnt look good
Name :   Maybe
Location :   
Date :   
Message :   because it was all given to Pleasant Rowland.
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