Name :   For watcher
Location :   
Date :   12/27
Message :   Jim Chase was also a vote in one way on Cherry Ave. Tom had a way of telling the board how to vote his way.
Name :   For watcher
Location :   
Date :   12/27/16
Message :   Tom Gunderson and his board did after an open meeting everyone said NO to it. After a few months he brought it up again when on one was there and they passed it one way. It was all for parking and for Inns of Aurora & Pleasent. I know Tom, Janet & Geo. vo
Name :   watcher
Location :   12/15/16
Date :   
Message :   Mayor Bennett is not the mayor and board who changed it in the first place.
Name :   Main St. Guy
Location :   Cherry Ave.
Date :   12/14
Message :   Cherry Ave. has been two way again for 2+ months no one has been killed or in an accident. Leave it as is now Bonnie and members of the board. VOTE 2 WAY ALWAYS.
Name :   resident
Location :   aurora
Date :   10/2/16
Message :   Cherry Ave returns to two way on Monday & Lafayette ST closed for road work.
Name :   water report
Location :   union springs, ny
Date :   
Message :
Name :   Trihalomethanes
Location :   water lines
Date :   
Message :   All lines should be tested at the end of all lines. ie Poplar Ridge Rd. Wells Rd. Woods End, Dublin Hill, Cherry Ave, Orchard Ln, Burnham Ln, Sherwwod Rd. EM Lane, north end of the village
Name :   Trihalomethanes
Location :   Aurora Water Supply
Date :   last Quarter
Message :   The EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline (800-426-4791) or the Cayuga County Health Department at (315) 253-1405.
Name :   Jean
Location :   Washington State
Date :   6/4/2016
Message :   Thanks for responding to my request to get the site back online after months of being detoured to a junk site.
Name :   Continued
Location :   
Date :   May 31, 2016
Message :   ...whose addresses she had. An email yesterday announced a change of day to June 7, with even more recipients, I think. No copy attached.
Name :   Answering
Location :   Neighbor
Date :   May 28, 2016
Message :   I was surprised to get an email from Barb Blom this morning announcing a gathering at her house to read through the draft. This will be this Thursday at 7 pm. No draft attached, though. The list of recipients was long so I guess it was all the residents w
Name :   L Holland
Location :   According to Bill Dugan in The Citizwn
Date :   May 24.2016
Message :   the draft of the new zoning law is circulating via email.Who is circulating it? Who determined the list of recipients?
Name :   Main st. guy
Location :   Aurora
Date :   3/28/16
Message :   You know people that move into the village and love it. But the want to change it. Well try this. MOVE. Aurora was fine without you!!
Name :   L Holland
Location :   The Dentes get to decide when
Date :   March 22, 2016
Message :   *thats enough*. I salute anyone who is willing to put themselves out there & is willing to run for public office. Especially one with so little reward & so much work attached to it.
Name :   Objector
Location :   
Date :   
Message :   I object to people who move to Aurora and immediately start telling us weve been doing everything all wrong.
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